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    DaBaby Is Forced To Sell Tickets To His Own Show

    Artists go through a tidal wave of ups and downs in their careers. Unfortunately for DaBaby, he’s been on the downfall for a while. Since making his homophobic remarks earlier this year, he’s been losing business deals right and left. Now it seems the artist can’t keep a good promoter or marketing team these days. Recently, fans roasted the rapper for selling tickets to his own show. Clearly, the guy has really messed up his career.

    DaBaby Tries To Get Fans In On A Ticket Deal

    Obviously, DaBaby has been going through a rough patch. Unfortunately, the rapper hasn’t been making good sales at his shows. This week, DaBaby was trending on Twitter after news surfaced that he was out selling buy-one-get-one-free tickets to his Alabama show. Furthermore, the venue itself features a “1,300 standing capacity.” Furthermore, the Eventbrite listing for the concert features a ticket for the BOGO deal that costs $22 plus a $5.92 fee. Moreover, the description reads: “Sales end on Nov 14, 2022. Buy one get one. All tickets are non-refundable. Standing room only.”

    Clearly, DaBaby still has a lot more apologizing to do in the next few months, especially if he wants to see an increase in sales. Hopefully, the rapper makes better choices for the future that won’t have him end up in the gutter.

    The Fans Roast The Rapper To No End

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    Though, the news only gets worse from here. Obviously, fans and haters alike had plenty to say about the rapper selling ticket deals for his own show. The roast kept pouring in from right to left and didn’t let up.

    One fan even went as far to say that while some artists can evade public scrutiny because they put out good music, DaBaby can’t. “His music must not be good,” the Twitter user concluded. Others shared a similar sentiment. Clearly, DaBaby has a long way to go before he can win back the public’s respect.

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