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    Da Don Vet & Lord Fress Shares New “Pain Music” Visual

    As a black rapper who grew up in a state-subsidized housing environment for low-income families like his own, he was dedicated to giving himself and his family a better life. These struggles are a reflection of the level of poverty that continues to grow daily, gang activity spreading, and drugs circulating across the “hoods” forcing some to make the best of it as a way to make ends meet.

    Although times were rough, the possibilities to make it out of the hood and off the block were never impossible. In the past many have used their talents to make it out of their environments. Just like for many artists in the past who worked hard to overcome these obstacles. The streets of 92nd in Canarsie, Brooklyn, New York-bred a self-made star who used his downfalls to see waterfalls.

    Growing up Vet listened to many rap artists but his true influence came from the one and only Notorious B.I.G. The fact that his role model can relate to his current struggle, hit home. His music and life story changed the way Vet saw his future and it inspired him to be the man/artist he wants to become. This fueled Vet’s passion for music which enabled him to have a better life for his family, and himself. At the young age of 13. He began writing his own rhymes. his aspirations next to Biggie would also come from Tupac, Jay-Z, and 50 Cent.

    During his late teen years, he decided to move and begin a new life in a place where he knew no one. Unfortunately, most of those he knew back home were either locked up or dead. Through these obstacles within his lifestyle, he learned to have the life of a poet and the mentality of a predator focused and hungry for their goal. In Long Island he met a group called “495 Traffik” which kicked off the rise to his music career. After meeting, his collaboration with the rap group was on the right path and allowed him to not have to work a day job.

    Vet went on to produce a number of songs with several “495 Traffik”-affiliated artists. With that being said, he still continued his career independently with many freestyles and singles. In addition, he has many features on a variety of singles. Including but not limited to with the late Fred The Godson, Remo The Hitmaker, Rain 910, Vado, OUN P, and many more to come.

    Da Don Vet is expanding his connections and broadening his fan base in Long Island by sponsoring and making music with local artists. In this, just because he’s branching out to increase his reach and following – Brooklyn will always be home.

    Within his music he made his fans believe that his hard work is like playing checkers. In reality, he is playing chess as he thinks for the next move to be ahead of the game. His journey and hunger to strive to become the greatest writer and rapper will never stop. He believes in his music, he puts his heart and soul into it, and to think this is just the beginning of a never-ending road.

    The Base Beatz-produced record, “Pain Music” featuring Lord Fress really speaks about Vet’s life and what he’s been through. The track provides a vivid storyline and insight into his mind and experiences. Curated to be told and laid out over a hot beat expressed through rhymes. Don’t believe me? Give the single a listen while you watch the official music video above.

    Da Don Vet & Lord Fress Shares New

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