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    Da Brat Rejects Wendy William’s Love Pursuits

    Nobody loves to stir up drama and gossip more than tv host Wendy Williams. Though, not everyone enjoys William’s brand of humor. In fact, during a recent show segment, long-time rapper Da Brat let Williams know she wasn’t here for the drama. Oddly enough, Williams tried to goat Da Brat into admitting her “love pursuits” but the rapper didn’t take the bait. Clearly, Wendy Williams backed up the wrong tree.

    The Rapper Shut Down Wendy Williams Love Pursuits

    wendy williams
    via BET

    Admitting you have a crush on someone can sometimes be daunting. Though, nothing is more terrifying than experiencing unrequited love. Television host Wendy Williams recently experienced some unrequited rejection herself with none other than Da Brat.

    This past Friday, the iconic rapper virtually stopped by the Wendy Williams Show to promote her new reality show. Furthermore, the female emcee plans to work on the show series alongside her fiancée Jessica Dupart. There’s nothing cuter than two partners working together as one. Apparently, Wendy Williams wanted a piece of the attention as she tried to insinuate that Da Brat pursued her.

    When Williams attempted to show her “receipts” via text messages, the rap icon immediately shut down her love pursuits. Furthermore, Da Brat admitted that while she thought of Wendy as a “fly woman,” she already found her forever girl. Seeming unconvinced, Williams continued to insist that Da Brat flirted with her.

    Still, Da Brat made sure that she received the message loud and clear. She had no interest in her whatsoever. In fact, the rapper just wanted to act as good friend to the TV host, especially after the release of her documentary. Rather than taking the lifeline, Williams instead tried to capitalize on the sincere gesture and turn it into gossip. Clearly, she lost a friend that day.

    Fans Rose To Da Brat’s Defense

    wendy williams
    via Variety

    Da Brat obviously wasn’t here for Wendy Williams’ love pursuits. Even the fans didn’t want any part of Williams shenanigans. Many followers took to Twitter to defend Da Brat’s responses. Furthermore, many of them addressed societal misconceptions about lesbian and queer women.

    “This is why yall need to stop stereotyping gay women. We don’t like every women we interact with. Some of us are picking AF,” one Twitter user tweeted. Couldn’t have said it better.

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