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    Da Baby Goes Straight Goon On Social Media

    It seems as though Da Baby is a handful when it comes to the world of social media. Especially after he opened a can of whip ass on another rapper.

    Da Baby is one of the up and coming rappers in the modern day of hip-hop. Despite having great music, he also is becoming one of the most entertaining on social media. He has been in the midst of controversy over the last several weeks. Just recently the rapper got into an altercation with another artist named Cam Coldheart.

    Da Baby Straight Goon

    Cam Coldheart post of video of him along with Da Baby inside a Louis Vuitton store. At the time Coldheart seemed to be the aggressor throughout most of the dispute. That was until Da Baby decided to take the matter into his own hands. He posted a video named “When bullying Baby on the internet goes wrong”.

    “You a bitch. Y’all look at the n**ga DaBaby. That n**ga DaBaby in here talking some shit,” Coldheart can be heard saying. “He walking up on me and shit like he about to do something. What you gon’ do? What you taking your shit off for?” 

    Seconds later the altercation turned physical with Coldheart on the ground bleeding. Furthermore, Coldheart claims that two people jumped him during the physical altercation.

    In conclusion, was Da Baby straight goon behavior necessary? Was it another person that helped jump the rapper?

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