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    D33Wain’s “Saucerer” Packs Heat & Energy That Can’t Be Matched

    There’s loads of great talents popping off in the rap scene right now. Even international artists like London born emcee D’wain Johnson-Caulker aka D33Wain, offer something new and unique to the rap scene. Furthermore, the self-described “Saucerer Supreme” combines all D33Wain’s talents of rapping, singing and performance, into one creative force.

    He’s often known to play with different genres of music such as hip-hop, R&B, Afrobeats, Grime and pop. His earlier works Sense of Entitlement and Get Over It contain a mixture of genres. He’s definitely a on- of-a-kind artist.

    Recently, the British-Sierra Leonean rapper released the music video for his catchy new track “Saucerer.” On the track, D33Wain packs a heat and energy that most artists can’t even compete with.

    D33Wain’s “Saucerer” Song Review

    Songs can take on a number of styles and varieties. Though, the difference between a good song and a great one comes down to the vibe. London rapper D33Wain’s new record “Saucerer ” definitely has the ‘sauce’ as he so often says in the song. Between the catchy and infectious quality of the song, paired with his witty word play, D33Wain manages to catch the listener’s attention right from the start.

    Additionally, the music video establishes a sort of fun and energetic scenery that’s hard to ignore. One of the most intriguing parts of the music video, shows D33Wain’s long locs plugged into the 2 large stereos that surround him. Clearly, he’s just that artist everyone wants to listen to on repeat. While mostly a flex song about having the hardest song in town, D33Wain’s “Saucerer ” does have the goods to back up his claims.

    Plans For The Future

    D33Wain candid photo

    D33Wain makes it clear that he wants to stand out from the crowd. His innovative sound and genre-hopping style make him a promising UK artist. Back in 2021, the London rapper started changing up his music style and took his artistry to new heights. Additionally, he’s on a mission to make the next best thing the world has yet to hear.

    Be on the lookout for the London artist D33Wain this year.





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