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    Cyan: South London’s New R&B Sensation

    South London’s next R&B sensation, Cyan, is creating a wave and setting records on fire. The 19-year-old bombshell invites us to her world of lyrical expression. She sits down with HypeFresh to discuss her new single, “DWYW”. The track is an embodiment of soulful, guitar heavy tunes that allow Cyan to wear her heart on her sleeves. “DWYW” follows her previous single “Tell Me”. “DWYW” means Do What You Want— a symphonic approach to an autonomous expression. It is our absolute honor to be able to experience Cyan’s passion for her gift. She debuts the visual to “DWYW” by way of Lucid Visuals.

    Meet Cyan.

    Cyan, South London’s Next Superstar

    Cyan is a singer and songwriter who uses R&B inspiration to drive her sound. She patiently talks with us about her new single, “DWYW”. She expresses her vulnerability by being honest about love, situations and pain. The track speaks of mentally checking out of a situation/relationship before it actually ends. It does not mention the good times in the relationship, it is about seeing things for what they really are. HypeFresh asks Cyan how did the inspiration come about for the song.

    “I created this song off of a freestyle I was doing while playing the beat in college, so it just happened organically.”

    Words that stuck out to Cyan were used to compose the track, making it make sense. “DWYW” is a sample from a Ginuwine song, bringing it that old school feel.

    “A lot of R&B artists aren’t taken seriously, the industry here is all about the hype, what’s most identical to American music. Of course, genres like hip-hip. So, it’s hard to keep the balance—actually being seen is a challenge.”

    Although this is a challenge for the upcoming star, she keeps her momentum.

    More on the English Talent

    Cyan tells us about the journey of the visual to her new single, “DWYW”. She wanted the video to be a direct match to the song. Going for a vintage vibe, the video looks like Luxuary Europe. DWYW speaks for itself —about how the artist brings her words to life. Decidedly, the artist moves forward with her unique style and wave.

    Of course Cyan wants to link with a couple producers on her journey. For example, Juls, for his creative expression when it comes to making music. “Blessed” is one of my favorite songs by the producer. Londononthetrack is also an inspiring producer. He understands the art of making music, especially for the new generation.

    Our guest discusses her background influence in her music, she blames it on her Caribbean heritage.

    “A lot of Caribbean music has big elements of storytelling and setting a scene, my writing style reflects that. Growing up listening to my mom play Jazmine Sullivan, Fantasia and Monica in the car. Their R&B style plays a huge part of my influence—that’s why I sing with such passion!”

    Cyan’s Creative Process

    “My creative process is different every time.”

    She can think of words then write a poem, from there she turns it into a song. It just depends on how she is feeling that day. Her creative process is constantly shifting. The fact that it’s is always changing, it makes it that much more enjoyable!

    “I haven’t released any collaborations yet, but there are some in the works!”

    There is music coming in 2022; however, she’s taking her time, so tune in!

    Connect with @Cyan on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.


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