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    Migrants Sent To Kamala Harris’ Home In Protest Of Border Communities

    Early morning on Christmas Eve, more than 100 migrants were transported from Texas immigration centers near Vice President Kamala Harris’ house in Washington, D.C. Many are disturbed by the constant use of migrants to make political points, especially during this season’s record breaking temperature drops. The frigid weather caused road closures that interfered with the original plan to drop off in New York City on Christmas Day. White House officials are pointing the finger at Republican Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, for his lack of responsibility surrounding the aftermath of sending migrants elsewhere, in protest of Title 42 lifting.

    Efforts to Lift Title 42 

    Unsure about why Governor Abbott is protesting? Let’s go back to March 2020, with the escalation of the worldwide pandemic and within the Trump-era, where Title 42, a United States health law, was first enforced. With coronavirus spreading and the world shutting down, the U.S. prohibited entry to non citizens and aliens. Doctors and scientists argued that sealing borders did not correlate with slowing coronavirus, although former Vice President Mike Pence overruled the advice by enforcing it anyway. 

    As a result, the Trump Administration aimed to permanently halt asylum at the southwest border, bringing significant changes to immigration laws. This was an issue because the laws already in place cannot allow the government to expel migrants without due process. Many people leave their home countries for refuge, and the United States has always been painted as a land of dreams for those living nightmares. However, getting turned away at the border has forced millions into vulnerable positions, many of them life threatening. 

    Since the Democratic party was reelected into office with the Biden Administration, there have been many debates and attempts to end Title 42. There is talk about implementing new policies to assist migrants and to tackle the root causes of migration for so many foreigners. President Joe Biden has been able to make exemptions, such as keeping unaccompanied minors from deportation, but lifting the order has to be done strategically, to avoid overcrowding at DHS facilities. 

    The Harsh Reality 

    Unfortunately this is already happening in southwestern states such as Texas and Arizona, who have been sending buses to various major Democratic cities across the U.S. “Since April, Texas’ busing strategy has successfully provided much-needed relief to our border communities overwhelmed by the historic influx of migrants caused by President Biden’s reckless open border policies,” said Governor Abbott.

    Harsh realities are shown with video recordings of evacuees getting off the buses, some with little to no belongings, others with clothes not appropriate for the weather. Although transportation was set up by state officials, there was no follow up with government assistance for the migrants arrivals. Volunteers and nonprofit staff are supporting those in need, with some Samaritans even offering their homes as comfort for those with absolutely nowhere to go. Regardless of the strain Texas has had to endure due to proximity to the border, there are better ways to get attention from federal and state legislators to ensure proper entry into the United States for all non-citizens and aliens. 

    Let us know in the comments if you agree that this weekend’s stunt was necessary to spark change or just plain cruel.

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