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    Cross-Country Collaboration – How Citizen Schraider and Fantom Overcame Distance for Music

    Challenges, in the eyes of Citizen Schraider, are only chances for personal development. When he started working on a project with Fantom, they did not live in the same nation, which made their collaboration more difficult than it would have been otherwise. However, Schraider’s unyielding resolve transformed the challenge into an exciting adventure.

    Schraider reflects on the experience by saying, “I did a project with Fantom for the past two years; it was a bit difficult because me and him wasn’t living in the same country… we finally make it happen.” They were able to overcome geographic barriers thanks to their commitment to their mutual love of music, which resulted in the production of a project that eloquently demonstrated their tenacity.

    In spite of all the difficulties, Schraider’s upbeat attitude allowed him to remain grounded. “I always have a positive mind, focus, and work harder,” he says. “I encourage others to do the same.” His demeanor is evidence that he is resilient in the face of adversity and acts as a monument to this fact.

    Schraider’s involvement in this project with Fantom was more than simply an opportunity for him to exercise his creative side; it was also an educational opportunity that helped him become more adaptable and persistent. His skill at overcoming the obstacles presented by working with people in different locations is evidence of his passion for his profession and further solidifies his position in the international music industry.

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