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    Cristiano Ronaldo Escapes Rape Charge By The Skin Of His Teeth

    Cristiano Ronaldo Rape Charge

    Famous global soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo barely escapes recent rape allegations. In 2010, the accusation from Kathryn Mayorga surfaced for Ronaldo. Manchester United forward Ronaldo has publicly not denied their sexual encounter; however, he claims it was “consensual”. As of recent, U.S. District Judge Jennifer Dorsey dismissed a civil lawsuit regarding the Cristiano Ronaldo rape allegations, reported by Tim Daniels for Bleacher Report. Reports have claimed the evidence used by Mayorga’s legal team was obtained through stole or leaked documents including private conversations between Ronaldo and his lawyer. Therefore, the Cristiano Ronaldo rape case will not continue due to tainted evidence.

    “I find that the procurement and continued use of these documents was bad faith. Simply disqualifying Stovall will not cure the prejudice against Ronaldo. The misappropriated documents and their confidential contents have been woven into the very fabric of Mayorga’s claims,” Dorsey said. “Harsh sanctions are merited.”

    Many people share the sentiment that Ronaldo dodged a bullet by a simple mistake made by Mayorga’s team. Attempting to match Ronaldo’s political strength and overall power is simply laughable. Several teams and organizations make money off Ronaldo’s very existence. However, it’s possible the young woman can be at fault here as well. The speculation will drive one crazy if one allows it; however, the reality is many would lose millions of dollars if the face of the organization suffered at the hands of such allegations. 

    What Took Place that Night with Cristiano Ronaldo?

    According to Kathryn Mayorga, she said she met Ronaldo at a Vegas nightclub and joined him with other people at his hotel suite. While at the hotel Mayorga claims the sexual assault took place. While Ronaldo continues to deny the sexual assault allegations, he admits to sexual relations with Mayorga. The following day, she met with the police, yet, she didn’t admit to Ronaldo sexually assaulting her or specify the location.

    Mayorga received $375,000 from Ronaldo in 2010, reported Insider. One may consider this “hush-hush” money which only incriminates and further makes Ronaldo look guilty. Still, she continued to push the issue. In fact, she moved forward with the civil lawsuit seeking more than $68 million in damages from Ronaldo.

    While it appears to not have been fruitful, many look at Cristiano Ronaldo differently, and his legacy will never resonate the same as a result of the rape allegations.

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