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    Court Judge Deems Rapper Boogie GZ “A Danger To Society”

    Going to jail doesn’t seem to matter to celebrities, especially if they can bail themselves out. Unfortunately, a court judge refused to post bail for Hassan Ian Jones aka rapper Boogie GZ after police arrested him for assaulting a woman in her home. Right now, the upcoming emcee faces a laundry list of charges against him. Making matters worse, the rapper won’t be receiving a release date any time soon. A court judge deemed Boogie GZ “a danger to society.”

    Boogie GZ Threatens & Assaults A Woman In Her Own Home

    Boogie GZ
    via SoundCloud

    Other celebrities are used to overzealous fans and sometimes, crazies, breaking into their homes. Though, the tables have seemingly turned after rapper Boogie GZ broke into a woman’s home.

    According to the criminal report, police responded to a 911 call at 3 am of a home invasion taking place. Upon arriving at the woman’s Birchwood Estates residence, police took note of a broken window and scratch marks on the rear door.

    Furthermore, the female victim revealed more details about the home invasion to the police. She even identified Boogie GZ as one of the intruders. She further detailed that GZ “covered her head and pressed an object against her head, before demanding his money.” The unidentified female victim also stated that another man destroyed her home at the time.

    Then, police spoke with the victim’s son, who claimed that he communicated with Boogie GZ frequently through social media. Police later confirmed the rapper’s identity after discovering that his pictures on social media matching the victim and her son’s descriptions.

    If Boogie GZ thought he could run from the police, he was sorely mistaken.

              The Rapper Becomes A “Danger To Society”

    Boogie GZ
    via Spotify Web Player

    It’s one thing to be considered a petty theft criminal. Though, Boogie GZ’s criminal status just moved up to “a danger to society.” Furthermore, District Judge James M. Dixon of Hazle Township deemed him an unstable liability after charging him with several outstanding offenses including terrorist attacks, harassment, simple assault and criminal trespass. Boogie GZ’s past criminal records revealed that the rapper trespassed on someone else’s property. The rapper received a year long sentence for the crime back in January 2021.

    At this point, the young rapper doesn’t seem to care one way or another if he goes to jail.

    Do you think Boogie GZ will learn his lesson?

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