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    Coronavirus in Philadelphia? Exchange Student Tested

    The coronavirus may have landed in Philadelphia via an exchange student. A William Penn Charter school student was tested for the disease. School officials say 18 students and three chaperones traveled from Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, before arriving at the William Penn Charter school. One male student was feeling ill and went through tests for the virus. The school chose to quarantine the student to his bedroom and separate him from other students. However, the results are still processing, but officials are expecting them soon.

    The disease originates from Wuhan City in China and has spread through flights to different countries.  Furthermore, little is known about the coronavirus; research suggests though the virus comes from the animal market.  The Philadelphia Department of Public Health Division of Disease Control has released an official health alert. The health alert states various aspects of the disease. Officials say in China there are 894 cases and 26 deaths. The health department has declared that the risk is low for Philadelphians. The main reason being Philadelphia’s airport does not have flights from Wuhan City.

    The CDC has also released an official health update that mirrors that of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health Division of Disease Control.

    The risk for the disease to be imported through Philadelphia Airport is relatively low, but it is still imperative to be vigilant and practice proper hygiene. Wash your hands and cover your mouth are a must. There are lots of resources to learn more about the coronavirus and ways you can prevent yourself from becoming sick.

    What do you guys think about the coronavirus in Philadelphia? Is this another thing that will blow by like bird flu? Or are we facing the second plague?

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