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    Corona’s Parent Company Just Dumped $4 Billion Into Cannabis

    Shortly after last year’s $200 million investment into Canada’s top cannabis producer Canopy, the owner of Corona (Constellation Brands) is set to drop $4 billion into the weed industry.

    Both Canopy and Constellation are drawn to the idea that Canopy will have the ability to expand its outreach, reaching almost 30 countries to pursue a federally permissible amount of cannabis. Recognized as one of the largest legal cannabis producers in the world with cannabis-based oils, soft gel caps, and many other products this investment is sparking a debate about whether liquor companies should invest their efforts in the weed market.  After this $4 billion investment, Canopy is looking to manufacture edible bars, inhalers, and pre-rolled blunts.

    Stay tuned for more on cannabis news and in the meantime, check out the Top 8 Strains or Hybrids You Never Knew You Needed Until Now. 

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