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    Control Your iPhone & iPad with Just Your Eyes in iOS 18

    Apple’s leaked iOS 18 beta reveals a game-changer: eye control for iPhones and iPads. Imagine scrolling through Instagram, firing off texts, or playing the latest game – all with just the power of your gaze. This isn’t science fiction anymore; it’s the future arriving a few months early.

    Eye Tracking 101: No Extra Hardware Needed

    But how on earth does this mind-blowing tech work? The answer is in something called Eye Tracking. But take a guess – Does it need to be compared with any headsets or special glasses? No, it is all possible with the same ordinary front-facing camera of your iPhone or iPad. And the rest is simple – artificial intelligence will recognize the direction of your eye and let you control the device with the help of your looks.

    Gazing into a New World of Interaction

    Ditch the taps and swipes – Eye Tracking offers an entirely new way to engage. Imagine a head-controlled laser pointer. If you want to open an app, simply stare at it for a moment. If you want to compose a text, glance at each letter. This type of control, which focuses on the length of time you have your eyes on the aim, allows you to pick things and finish duties without having to move your gaze. And the most significant part? This applies to all of your applications without the need for additional coding.

    Privacy First: Your Eyes Are Safe

    We know what you’re thinking – what about privacy? Apple assures us that all the data used for Eye Tracking stays securely on your device. It’s never shared with Apple or anyone else, so you can rest assured your eye-rolling sessions over funny cat videos remain a secret.

    Mark Your Calendars: Eye Tracking Arrives in September

    Mark your calendars, tech enthusiasts! iOS 18, with its revolutionary Eye Tracking feature, is expected to launch in mid-September 2024. That means just a few months from now, you could be controlling your entire digital life with the blink of an eye (literally!).

    Beyond Accessibility: A Glimpse into the Future

    However, Eye Tracking brings more benefits than just simplifying users’ life. It literally improves their accessibility, giving a new powerful tool to people with no or limited freedom of movement. It can open the whole new digital world for someone! And the list of its potential benefits keeps on going: eye tracking technology. It means this invention may change gaming and virtual reality experience one day who knows, maybe not in the too distant future.

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