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    Consequence Believes Songwriters Can Help Rappers Up Their Game

    Many rappers love to brag about their bars and pen game. For instance, Remy Ma once boasted about other female rappers being afraid of her songwriting skills. A songwriter and rapper all in one makes for one talented artist. Though, not every rapper has creative writing skills. Rapper Consequence believes that the collaboration between songwriter and an emcee can help up any rapper’s game. Though, not everyone agrees.

    Consequence Argues For Rappers To Work With Songwriters


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    When it comes to rap music, we often believe that rappers write straight from the heart. Every word and every lyric stems from their personal experience. While some rappers believe in writing their own songs, others like Consequence think the opposite.

    On a recent episode of Drink Champs, Consequence shared his thoughts on today’s rap scene. He pointed out that not enough rappers work with songwriters on a single project. Some fear that the public might not view them as a real artist.

    According to him though, refusing to collaborate with a songwriter only hurts their careers in the end.

    “Why would you be at a six-seven figure level as far as a performer, but then minimize yourself to the elbow grease of writing it all yourself and it’s not clicking?” the rapper said on Drink Champs.

    Clearly, Consequence believes that the only way for a rapper to become more successful is by having someone write their songs.

    Not Everyone Agrees With Him

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    The A Tribe Called Quest collaborator may be right about rappers turning to songwriters to up their game. Some rap stars have collaborated with other artists in the writing room and went on to become huge entertainers. While that method has worked for others, some rappers prefer to stick with the old ways.

    Moreover, both Busta Rhymes and Remy Ma have vocally denounced rappers who require the assistance of a songwriter. The rap stars believe that emcees who don’t write their own music, aren’t real rappers to begin with.

    Apparently, not everyone wants a ghostwriter.

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