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    Common Says Fat Joe Saved His Life

    Making friends in Hollywood is like finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, celebrities like Common have managed to sustain lasting friendships. The Barbershop actor recently shared how his friend Fat Joe saved him from an altercation with Ice Cube. At the time, the rappers had engaged in a bitter beef that lasted for years. Luckily, Fat Joe’s involvement during a heated incident finally put an end to their years-long feuding. Still to this day, Common thanks his friend Fat Joe for stepping in when he did.

                The Barbershop Actor’s Beef With Ice Cube

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    Rap aficionados might recall the endless feud between rappers Common and Ice Cube. Furthermore, the two engaged in a feud that lasted for what seemed like centuries. Apparently, Ice Cube believed that Common had dissed West Coast rappers on his Resurrection single, “I used to love H.E.R.” In a revengeful move, Mack 10 released a diss track of his own. From then on, the two constantly fired shots at each other. Years later, an unexpected encounter almost led the two to engage in a physical altercation. Luckily, one of Common’s good friends saved his life.

                  Common Says That Fat Joe Saved Him

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    Recently, Common stopped by Hot97 to reveal an instance where he ran into Ice Cube at a Sprite commercial. With so much bad blood between the two, the commercial set was the breaking point. Luckily, Fat Joe stepped in to save Common’s life. Whilst on set, Common’s friend stared down Mack 10, leading to verbal altercation between the two. Fortunately, Fat Joe stepped in before things got out of hand. “Your man gotta leave . . . it’s about to get real in here.” Though, Common’s friend only worsened the situation when he busted the windows.

    Furthermore, Common revealed that Fat Joe warned him he’d be a target, too. Luckily, the “Money Showers” rapper had convinced Mack 10 to leave Common alone. Still to this day, The Barbershop actor remains ever grateful that his famous friend saved his life.

    Even better, since their commercial shoot, Common and Ice Cube have made up. The rappers are on such good standing with each other that they’ve even collaborated on tracks together. Back in 2016, Common and Mack 10 joined forces on the track “Real People” from off The Barbershop: The Next Cut soundtrack. Looks like the two have become besties.

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