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    Comedian Aries Spears Calls New Rappers “Lazy”

    New and old generations of rappers can’t seem to reach common ground. Many would think that the two would unite together and create timeless classics, but that’s not the case. In fact, old and rising emcees trash each other every chance they get. Even long-time HipHop fans like to offer their two cents on the debate of old vs. new generation of rappers.

    In particular, HipHop aficionado and comedian Aries Spears has a lot to say when it comes to upcoming rappers. The star offered some harsh criticism about today’s biggest rap stars like NBA Youngboy and Lil Baby. Spears even went as far as calling these rappers “lazy.” That’s a hard criticism to swallow.

                         The Accessibility Of New Rappers

    aries spears
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    Today’s rap stars rise to stardom may seem effortless to some critics. However, several emcees have opened up about the long years and hardships they’ve endured to reach success. Even with the help of social media, many artists have argued that they’ve worked just as hard as their superiors to achieve fame. Though, it’s their use of technology that’s caused several oldschool emcees and HipHop experts to criticize them. Many critics argue that the accessibility of social media has made rising emcees lazy.

                     Aries Spears Calls New Emcees Lazy

    aries spears
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    Comedian Aries Spear wholeheartedly believes that newcomers lack skill, talent and are downright lazy. Last Sunday, the former MadTV cast member took to his Instagram to rant about the new generation of emcees.

    The star starts off by criticizing the rapper’s lack of originality in their music. He accused rappers like NBA Youngboy, Lil Baby and Rondo Quando of creating music that sounds the same, even down to the rap flow. Offering even more harsh commentary, Spears noted that many new emcees pale in comparison to legends of the past like Biggie and Black Thought. Additionally, he even posted visuals of past emcees dominating the rap scene just to drive his argument home. Eventually, the former MadTV star came to the conclusion that the new generation of rappers are downright lazy.“It’s called being ambidextrous! We criticize ya’ll cause your lazy!” the comedian wrote in his Instagram captions. Clearly, the comedian isn’t impressed by today’s biggest rap stars.

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