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    Colorado’s Travis Hunter Receives Epic Truck Gift from Girlfriend

    Colorado star Travis Hunter has really been on the receiving end of some serious wheels lately—a custom RAM TRX truck, no less. The rumored price tags have flirted with figures well north of $100,000 and set social media ablaze in the process, but the story behind the reason is much more than just a simple, excessive purchase.

    While the personalized TRX, a showstopper with underbody LED lights and a booming sound system, is impressive, infinitely more important is the worth of the feelings it represents: Leanna’s ostentatious gesture wasn’t about the fancy truck; it was a public declaration of her love and belief in Travis.

    In regards to the fantastic gift, Travis wrote”

    “Yall just love to h _ te lol if this came out my pocket I wouldn’t have posted it”

    Then the internet came, and the first reaction that buzzed in the air was how on earth Leanna could afford such a car.

    But not one to be strong-armed into anything, Leanna was having none of that. That’s all the negativity she shut down with just one simple yet powerful statement: she got it herself. It is not a tale of a dependent girlfriend, however, as Leanna is very much a blossoming young lady. A recent Kennesaw State University graduate with studies done this year, Leanna has started on her journey toward her Master’s and, once again, proven that she follows the academic trail to success with dedication, determination, and top-notch levels of stamina.

    Their love story comes way, way before the time of any social media fame. High school sweethearts out of Collins High, it was a bond that was unbreakable by years—meant to be a vacation in Puerto Rico when Travis popped the question. With the reaction of Leanna saying, “A million times yes!” to a lifetime together.

    Together what goes is a life’s journey, even beyond the soccer field. Together, they have explored in one joint YouTube channel, presenting to the world their teamwork and mutual support for the passion of each other. This ain’t a couple; this is a team, rooting for each other to make it big.

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