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    Cleveland Browns Dispute With Kareem Hunt Goes Terribly Wrong

    Cleveland Browns RB Kareem Hunt appears to be seeking a contract extension; however, things went terribly wrong, reported ESPN. Naturally, once the Browns didn’t comply with Hunt’s extension conditions, a trade request was put in for Hunt. The Cleveland Browns have declined this request going forward. This means that many Browns fans may be subjected to a holdout this season. While they’re very fortunate to have a top-five running back as their starter, Nick Chubb, this still will be a blow to their offensive scheme and explosiveness.

    Hunt is in the final year of a contract where he’s owed six million for the year. He signed a two-year and $12 million deal. Many feel disrespected once their extension is not granted. Initially, Hunt missed team drills; however, he returned this past Sunday. Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski chose not to address Hunt’s trade request, stating, “I prefer not to discuss our players’ conversations or any related matters.”

    How Does Kareem Hunt’s Turmoil Affect the Cleveland Browns?

    Hunt’s situation adds to the already messy situation in Cleveland. Browns star QB Deshaun Watson is still awaiting his fate for this upcoming season from NFL’s commissioner Roger Goodell. While they’re determining the length of Watson’s suspension and figuring out how to maneuver if possible, they now have to also sort things out with Hunt. The 27-year-old has been productive during his three seasons for Cleveland as well as the Kansas City Chiefs. Last year, he missed the final nine games due to an ankle injury. He finished third in rushing, with 386 rushing yards and five touchdowns. This has been nothing short of a taxing offseason for the Browns.

    Good Team Fits for Hunt

    The likelihood of Hunt returning after this season is very slim. Moving forward, Hunt will be a good fit for several teams. Hunt’s diversity in the backfield can prove to be an asset for plenty of teams. Many believe he’s a bit past his prime yet he’s a great number two, and he can help can carry the load and lead younger backs.

    Some Teams That May Be a Good Fit:

    Pittsburgh Steelers

    Indianapolis Colts

    Miami Dolphins

    Buffalo Bills

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