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    Cleveland Artist J. Cacao Makes Music For The Deaf Community In “Letter 2 Dip Hop”

    New artist come into the music industry every day. Of course, every new talent has something new to bring to the table.

    Though, very few have something meaningful to offer. LA-born and Cleveland, OH-based artist J. Cacao arrive on the HipHop scene with something extra in store for music aficionados. 

    Growing up with deaf parents, both hailing from Nigeria, J. Cacao sees the world differently than most. More importantly, his unique upbringing gave him a purpose in life. He’s eager to bring awareness and exposure to more CODA musicians like him in the HipHop scene.

    On his website, J. Cacao’s slogan states that he values and acknowledges the deaf community by offering an alternative source of entertainment through music.

    He’s certainly changing the scope of the music game with his innovative music.

    The lyricist and rapper have only released a handful of records, such as his debut EP Trap ASL (True Rhythm and Poetry in American Sign Language) and the singles “Mama Deaf” and “Flowers.”

    He may be getting his feet wet in the sea of rap and hip hop emcees, but he’s making waves in the music industry.

    Furthermore, J. Cacao has even worked with other great underground artists such as Lena Jackson, Wawa’s World, and Prophet Link, all featured on his debut EP Trap ASL.

    Recently, the artist dropped his newest record, “Letter 2 Dip Hop,” an anthem dedicated to the deaf community and CODA artists everywhere.

    J. Cacao Puts His Own Spin On HipHop Music

    Music is a universal language. No one best meets that description than CODA lyricist J. Cacao. With the few offerings the Cleveland artist has dropped, he’s slowly merging two worlds that have never been done before.

    An artist raised by two deaf Nigerian parents, his music speaks volumes.

    His newest track “Letter 2 Dip Hop” which stands for “Hip Hop through the eyes of the deaf,” comes as his latest dedication to the deaf community.

    Self-produced by J. Cacao himself, the track finds the artist expressing a range of emotions, from frustration to love for the community. This artist has agency, advocacy, and a strong message behind his music.

    The CODA Rapper Changes The World For The Better

    deaf community
    via J.

    There’s more than meets the eye regarding the conscious rapper J. Cacao. The on the rise emcee plans to change the world by advocating for the deaf community. He’s focusing on bridging the connection between the deaf community and music. Moreover, the artist also works as a Social Worker and Interpreter.

    Additionally, he collaborated with DEAFinitely Dope founder Matt Maxey. With a degree in Music Business, J. Cacao is one of the most well-rounded HipHop artists out here. Be sure to catch up on more community projects and music from Cleveland game-changer J. Cacao.



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