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    Rivera Confesses Jay-Z’s Non-Involvement in the 1999 Lance ‘UN’ Rivera stabbing incident

    In a groundbreaking interview with Vlad TV, former music executive Lance ‘UN’ Rivera finally reveals the truth behind the 1999 Lance ‘UN’ Rivera stabbing incident, debunking the long-standing misconception involving Jay-Z. Contrary to popular belief, Rivera discloses that Jay-Z was not responsible for stabbing him during that fateful event, which resulted in three years of probation and coincided with the rise of his rap career. According to Rivera, the New York Police Department (NYPD) and prosecutors wrongly identified the assailant, leading to a significant misunderstanding.

    Jay-Z’s Non-Involvement in the 1999 Lance ‘UN’ Rivera stabbing incident

    Rivera says that he and Hov were at a party for Q-Tip’s album release when words were exchanged with him. He claims that whatever he said enraged Jay-Z, who pulled out an 8-inch knife and stabbed him in the chest. The producer’s bodyguards beat him with champagne bottles until the cops were called. Rivera pleaded guilty to the felony assault charge, but Jay-Z maintained his innocence until he accepted a plea deal for probation three years later.

    Jay-Z’s career took off like a rocket after the hitch in his court proceedings. He quickly became the founder of the Rocawear clothing company and one of the most potent rap moguls in history.

    He finally breaks the silence and explains what happened

    According to a source close to the couple, Jay-Z is a “raging alcoholic” with a violent past. The source adds that Beyonce is so terrified of her husband’s behavior that she hardly lets him alone with their daughter Blue Ivy. This would explain all the photos of the family together with Jay-Z standing off to the side or behind the camera. Instead of Jay directly interacting with their little girl.

    Beyonce is so fed up with Jay-Z’s behavior that she has considered leaving him. Do you think they can make the relationship work?

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