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    Chyng Diamond Releases New Hit Single “Guess What”

    Chyng Diamond, the self-proclaimed queen of Omaha, NE, is a 25-year-old rapper who has already experienced a lot in life. With her viral hit “Lose the Ugly” and now “Guess What,” she delivers an empowering anthem that stays true to her sound and roots. After gaining recognition from Cardi B, Snoop Dogg, and Lizzo, Chyng is ready to take her career to the next level.

    Raised in a family of rappers, Chyng was influenced by her mother and brother. Growing up amidst gang life and violence, she has witnessed the harsh realities people face. Through her music, she aims to shed light on these dark situations. Her recent time in jail has given her a fresh perspective on life.

    Despite facing adversity, Chyng believes she is destined for greatness. She embraces her self-taught beauty and worth with confidence, inspiring others along the way. Her music is driven by powerful beats that evoke strong emotions. Chyng’s listeners can expect to be inspired and motivated to make a difference. She represents those who doubt themselves but rise above it all to achieve their goals. Chyng Diamond aims to become the embodiment of success, proving that anything is possible.

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