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    Christina Ricci’s Call to Believe Victims: ‘People We Know as “Awesome Guys” Can Be Abusers’

    Christina Ricci’s Important Message: Help People Who Are Hurt

    Christina Ricci, who is an actress, wants to tell everyone something really important. She played in a show called “Yellowjackets.” On Instagram, she wrote some words that can help people who are hurt.

    Sometimes, people we know and like can do bad things to others, especially when no one is watching. This can make the hurt people feel very sad and scared. Christina Ricci wants us to do something about it.

    She said that when someone is hurt, we should believe them and help them. Even if the person who hurt them is someone we know from TV or movies, we should still help the hurt person. This is very, very important.

    Christina talked about some friends named Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. They also act in shows and movies. They tried to help their friend Danny Masterson, but he did something really bad, and he had to go to a place where he couldn’t hurt anyone anymore.

    Ashton and Mila wrote letters to say their friend was nice, but people didn’t like that. They said sorry because they didn’t mean to make the hurt people feel worse. They want to help the hurt people, too.

    Sometimes, it takes a long time for hurt people to get help. Christina wants us to know this and not give up on them. Even if it’s hard, we should be kind and help the hurt people.

    So, Christina Ricci’s message is clear: if someone is hurt, we should believe them, be kind, and help them. This way, we can make the world a better place for everyone, especially those who need our help the most.

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