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    Chris Brown’s WE (Warm Embrace) Video, Controversy With Normani Cameo

    HypeFresh sums Chris Brown’s new song, “WE(Warm Embrace)” into one word, FIRE. The track from the forthcoming Breezy album is smooth, smooth enough to dance to, of course. Actually, the song is made for dancing, like most of the artist’s songs. To build into the first verse, the beat snaps us onto a dance floor in the 80’s with strobe lights beaming. We hear the words of the first verse slide in.  “I can see your mind is overworked, boo—tension in your body when I touch you.” C Breezy is here with another sexy number for the summer and we are here for it.

    Although we appreciate Chris’ talents among other fans, some are not here for it. The troubled singer’s past follows him, no matter how hot the song. This is unfortunate because this affects his collaborating artists as well. According to New York Post, Normani appears in the music video as Brown’s love interest. The video gets steamy as the two share loads of one another’s personal space. The two even share a kiss in the pool scene. While some think the two have great chemistry, a large number flat out don’t like it. Page Six reported fans slamming Normani, accusing her of working with an “abuser”.

    Chris and Normani Slander

    Fans are not okay with Normani being in any video with Brown.

    One user commented, “Girl WTF”, another adding, “but???, I”m so confused.” “Why would you link up with a ‘man’ like him?” “Could’ve worked with anyone else but someone with multiple abuse allegations.”

    How will Normani feel about the backlash, did she know it was coming already?

    In other news, Chris Brown continues to release more and more new music. Brown’s new album, Breezy, will drop this Friday. Here are his picks from a track list out of 250 recorded songs.

    Breezy Album Tracklist

    1. “Wheels Fall Off” feat. Capella Grey and Lil Durk
    2. “CAB” feat. Fivio Foreign
    3. “Pitch Black”
    4. “Possessive” feat. Yung Bleu and Lil Wayne
    5. “Addicted” feat. Lil Baby
    6. “Call Me Every Day” feat. Wizkid
    7. “Closure” feat. H.E.R.
    8. “Need You Right Here” feat. Bryson Tiller
    9. “Sex Memories” feat. Ella Mai
    10. “Hmhmm” feat. Est GEE
    11. “Psychic” feat. Jack Harlow
    12. “Show It” feat. Blxst
    13. “Sleep at Night”
    14. “Passing Time”
    15. “WE (Warm Embrace)”
    16. “Forbidden”
    17. “Bad Then A” feat. Tory Lanez
    18. “Survive the Night”
    19. “Dream”
    20. “Slide”
    21. “Harder”
    22. “On Some New Shit”
    23. “Luckiest Man”
    24. “Iffy”

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