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    Chris Brown Assaulted A Woman By Knocking Her Weave Off

    Stars often don’t face consequences for their bad deeds. For instance, Chris Brown manages to skirt by life all while facing several domestic violence cases. Since his 2009 domestic violence case against Rihanna, Brown’s career has strangely taken off without a hitch. Chris Brown releases hit song after hit song. Unfortunately, Hollywood has catered to Brown’s misogynistic behavior by promoting his music career. At some point, though, justice will prevail. Recently, Chris Brown came under investigation after he assaulted a woman and knocked her weave off.

                          The Singer Assaults A Woman

    via Us Weekly

    Despite Chris Brown being a ladies man, he has a hard time reframing from assaulting women. Furthermore, police questioned Brown this past Friday after a woman reported he assaulted her. According to sources, the police arrived at Brown’s home in San Fernando Valley and talked with the assaulted woman. She claims that during an early morning argument, Brown had slapped her in the face. Additionally, the unidentified woman told TMZ “made part of her weave come off.” Arguably, there’s no reason for a man to lay his hands on a woman, ever. Unfortunately, the “Kiss Kiss” singer isn’t facing any charges yet. Though, the Los Angelos Police Department did issue the report to the Los Angelos City Attorney’s Office this weekend. Hopefully, Chris Brown receives the punishment he deserves.

                Everyone Knows Of Chris Browns Bad Deeds

    via Complex

    Chris Brown makes hit songs all day, but he’s horrible at relationships. After news of the investigation hit the internet, critics took to social media to air out their frustrations over Brown’s problematic behavior.

    According to some critics, the singer has assaulted several women, even till this day. Others seem frustrated with how Chris Brown’s career has flourished, even in the face of his domestic violence cases. If he continues to assault women, it’ll only be a matter time before the singer’s career will take a dive.


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