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    Chris Brown and Young Thug Release : Slime&B 


    Chris Brown and Young Thug brining us some heat this weekend. Just weeks after announcing the project, the duo joins forces on their highly-anticipated joint album Slime&B.

    With Cinco De Mayo celebrations being on haunt amid lockdown with the addition of Chris brows birthday the project is still keeping the energy flowing  so we can all party in the living room!

    The Duo have many flows from club songs like  “Say You Love Me”  to car ride tracks  like “She Bumped Her Head”,  “Big Slimes “. In Addition,  there are some Gospel Inspired tracks that help you  get through the day like “Help Me Breathe”.

    Track List:

    1. “Say You Love Me”
    2. “Go Crazy”
    3. “Trapback”
    4. “I Got Time”
    5. “She Bumped Her Head”
    6. “Big Slimes”
    7. “I Ain’t Trying”
    8. “Animal”
    9. “City Girls”
    10. “Stolen”
    11. “Undrunk”
    12. “No Such Thing”
    13. “Help Me Breathe”

    Soundcloud link:

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