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    It’s Confirmed: Chloe Bailey, Gunna Aren’t Dating

    Fans love pinning celebrities together just as much as they do TV and movie characters. For months, fans have speculated over the relationship status between Chloe Bailey and Gunna. The two young stars have made appearances “everywhere” together, leaving fans guessing. Now with the C-Murder rapper’s involvement with Young Thug’s former Young Slime Life gang conspiracy, dating rumors have really ramped up. However, Chloe Bailey and Gunna swore up and down that they’re not dating.

    Who Are They Kidding?

    Gunna, Chloe Bailey via The Teal Mango

    Dating rumors can cause unwanted attention for celebrities. While we’ll never know the story behind Chloe Bailey and Gunna’s relationship, we do know that the two have grown very close. They’ve been spotted at public events like basketball games. Additionally, they’ve been photographed holding hands and even sharing a little PDA. Let’s not forget, they also made the music video “You & Me” that gave some serious relationship vibes. While both parties have tried to deny there’s anything going on, their actions don’t match their words. Honestly, it’s no one’s business who’s dating who, but fans love to live vicariously through their favorite celebrities.

    Fans Use Chloe Bailey As A Meme

    Chloe Bailey, Gunna via XTRA

    Obviously, there’s sparks flying between the “So Gone” singer and Gunna. However, fans took things too far when news hit about Gunna’s recent incarceration. After being tied to Young Thug’s gang controversy and facing arrest, fans took to social media to beg Chloe not to go “full Monica.” Apparently, fans believe the singer show “Mercy” on Gunna’s incarceration. Will she put herself on the line for the rapper? Not sure if Beyonce or Tina Knowles will let their protégé go to such great lengths for one guy.

    After all, Chloe Bailey has a booming music career to focus on.

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