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    Chill Out To Charlotte Sands’s New Single “Alright”

    Proficient pop/rock singer and songwriter Charlotte Sands recently blessed us with another outstanding single entitled “Alright.” Which brings a beautiful harmony that captivates one’s ear from the very start of the song, causing them to fall in love more and more with her melodic vocals.

    “Alright” is a song with real emotions in its lyrics, which brings the artist’s singing even more to life. Showing a natural evolution of her technique but with the ‘feeling’ peculiar to her. The new song is a pop semi-ballad with authentic touches of world music and new age.

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    The rhythm stimulates the senses, resulting in intense and sensual envelopment that binds desires in sensory handcuffs that will be released only when the melody ends. 

    Stream “Alright” on Spotify 

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