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    Childish Gambino Makes a Return in 2023! First New Music in Three Long Years

    Donald Glover’s year has been nothing short of significant: he unveiled one of the most acclaimed new TV shows, secured the role of Lando Calrissian for this generation in Solo: A Star Wars Story, and has recently dropped his first music as Childish Gambino in three years.

    The rapper – who’s been known for his off-kilter hip-hop since 2013’s Because the Internet – has delivered an album that explores feelings and tones in new ways. It’s a refreshing change from the past few projects where his approach to music has been more akin to the jokey internet humor and simpler beats of his earlier albums.


    After a long break, Childish Gambino is back with his first new music in three years. He’s also introducing an app, Pharos, that lets fans hear an unreleased song via augmented reality.

    Gambino surprised his fanbase with a link to download the app on Friday, which was followed by an expiring countdown. The app has since become an integral part of Gambino’s PHAROS Earth, which takes place over three weekends in Joshua Tree.

    Using the AR Android app, Pharos gives users the chance to explore an immersive world with Gambino’s music. Players can interact with the artist’s dance moves and lyrics in an augmented space.

    Weta Digital and 2n Design worked to create audio reactive visuals to enhance the immersive experience of the event. The graphics were rendered in real-time and then projected onto the dome, reacting to the music. The result was a truly groundbreaking audio/visual experience. It received recognition among media and fans who attended the event.

    Me and Your Mama

    After a successful first season of Atlanta, winning two Golden Globes and starring in Star Wars’ Han Solo movie as Lando Calrissian, Childish Gambino is back with his first new music in three years. His album, Awaken, My Love!, is out December 2nd through Glassnote.

    This isn’t the rap music that we expected from Gambino, instead it is an extravagant fusion of futuristic vocals and synths with funk inspired production. The song starts off with a beautiful fender rhodes tune complimented by a choir that is soon joined by a distorted bass and electric guitar infused melody.

    It’s a very emotional piece that makes you think. It’s a great track that shows his talent as a musician, not just a rapper. The harmonies are very beautiful and add a sense of a gospel choir to the music. It really makes you feel and the guitar solo at the end is a very impressive piece.


    Childish Gambino – or Donald Glover, in full – is one of the world’s most celebrated artists. His television series Atlanta was a critical and commercial hit, his PHAROS festival out in the Joshua Tree desert earned acclaim as ‘unique’ and he won two Golden Globes.

    He’s also made a name for himself as an actor, playing Lando Calrissian in Star Wars and Simba in the Lion King. His first three albums (Camp, Because the Internet and Awaken, My Love!) were issued through independent label Glassnote.

    In recent months the rapper has been signed to RCA Records, with his management company/creative agency Wolf + Rothstein forming a partnership. This new deal will see Gambino release Pharos, his first new music in three years.

    A captivating and mesmerizing exploration of themes encompassing racism, gun violence, joy, spirituality, hip-hop, and the American entertainment landscape. Its intricate symbolism draws connections to Jim Crow, Michael Jackson, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

    STN MTN / Kauai

    A few weeks ago, multi-hyphenate entertainer Donald Glover surprised us all with a surprising double mixtape/EP called STN MTN / Kauai. The project is the first new music from Childish Gambino in three years, but it also seems like a return to form.

    The album opens with a synthy banger with Bun B, the Houston emcee who made a name for himself as a Royalty mixtape guest. A sample from French DJ Kavinsky adds a layer of fun.

    There are some pretty amazing instrumentals on STN MTN / Kauai, but the vocals often fall flat. Especially on the tracks with vocoder usage, which sometimes works but other times doesn’t.

    If you’ve listened to Ludacris’ “Southern Hospitality,” you’ll recognize much of the style on this song, but Gambino doesn’t come close to matching the original’s lighthearted playfulness. Despite all of that, this is a great collection of songs. It’s just a shame that the emcee couldn’t have done better than this.

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