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    Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Responds To Tyreek Hill’s Latest Comments

    Kansas City Chiefs star QB Patrick Mahomes announced Thursday that he was surprised by the comments made by former Chief and current Miami Dolphin WR Tyreek Hill. On Hill’s podcast,  “It Needed To Be Said”, he seemed to be very critical of Mahomes and Chiefs HC Andy Reid.

    Mahomes expressed his confusion about Hill’s comments due to the fact that the Chiefs and the organization love Hill, reported Adam Teicher for ESPN. He expressed how even now after the hurtful comments he still considers Hill to be a close friend and brother. Mahomes explained that he wished things could have worked themselves out to allow them to continue to do amazing things.

    “I’m a bit surprised because we have a deep affection for Tyreek,” Mahomes expressed as the Chiefs concluded their offseason program. “We’ve always held him in high regard. Our admiration for him remains strong. I bumped into him at Formula One in Miami, perhaps he was there to promote his podcast and give it a boost.”

    “I still have a great admiration for Tyreek. He possesses unique talent as a player. In Coach Reid’s offense, it requires collective effort from the entire team. This offense was flourishing even before my arrival. As a young fan of the Cowboys, I witnessed the Eagles, under Coach Reid’s leadership, dominate the Cowboys. It’s an offense that thrives on collective contribution, and that includes me.”

    Are Hill’s complaints towards Patrick Mahomes Valid?

    In 2021, Hill recorded 111 receptions for 1,239 yards and 9 touchdowns,  per Pro Football Reference. Hill led the team in receptions by far and most attempts amongst all the other talented WRs on the Chiefs. Although his season was exceptional. Hill stated he bumped heads with the front office. Ultimately, leading to his trade this offseason to the Miami Dolphins.

    While many words were expressed on Hill’s podcast, the words that seem to catch everyone’s attention was when Hill suggested, that Tua Tagovailoa is more accurate than Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes admitted to not speaking with Hill since the podcast aired, however, he says he spoke to him recently and everything seemed fine.

    “I spoke with him at Formula One in Miami back in May, and everything seemed good,” Mahomes shared. “I believe he wanted to express his commitment to Miami and his teammates. One thing I’ve always admired about Tyreek, and continue to do so, is his desire to win.

    It seemed like opposing defenses were focusing heavily on him, so we had to distribute the ball to other targets. As a competitor, he always wanted to make an impact on the games. I know he wanted to receive the ball as much as possible to contribute to our victories. It wasn’t a selfish intention.”

    Chiefs HC Andy Reid didn’t have much to say on the matter except positive things. He refused to discuss Hill’s comments; however, he emphasized:

    “I love Tyreek. He’s a good kid. We think the world of him.”

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