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    Chicago’s Rooga Is Not With The Games In “You Gotta See Me”

    I heard it gets real in the field, especially out there in the Chi. I wouldn’t personally know anything about that as I am a civilian, who likes to stay out of the way. But Chicago rapper Rooga might know a thing or two about the streets. At least the old version of him would. These days Rooga is moving totally differently, with his only focus right now being music.

    Chi-raq Survivor

    If you are like me, and you keep up with the news, you remember in the mid 2010s, all the gang violence in Chicago that received a lot of national coverage. I vividly remember DJ Akademiks having a series on his platform called “The War on Chiraq”. Almost daily, he would release videos just covering all the street violence that was happening, which included many young rappers. One of them is a rapper known as FBG Duck.

    FBG Duck was a rising star in the city. In 2018, after he dropped his hit single “Slide”, he leveraged enough buzz to earn himself a record deal with Sony’s imprint, Columbia. Sadly, in August 2020, Duck was gunned down by five men in his hometown.

    Carrying the Legacy of FBG Duck

    A close family member of his, Rooga, was affected hard by FBG Duck’s death. Realizing there is no love in these streets, he wanted to make a change in his life. Opting for a fresh start, he packed his things and moved to another city. Giving his all to music, the young artist hasn’t looked back since.

    A great collaborative effort by the four talented producers who made this song happen; ThatBoyDamon, Higherrside, SteeryBeats, and Favor Beatz. The dark production by them sets the stage for him to enter with his most menacing lyrics. He double dares anyone to test their luck with him, if they’re feeling froggy.

    While his cousin may influence him, his sound is more concentrated and precise. He aims to slice and dice you with his bars. You can tell he takes pride in writing and fleshing out his thoughts.

    Be sure to check out more of Rooga’s music.

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