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    Chicago’s Polo G Purchases Obnoxious iPhone-Attached Diamond Chain

    There’s this trend with rich people about being the first at something and they need to end it. In the influencer age that we live in, everyone wants to be a trendsetter, which is virtually impossible. Don’t even get me started on rappers who are notoriously known for going overboard with trends. Chicago’s Polo G is a recent example of what I’m referring to because he just copped one of the most obnoxious diamond chains ever.


    The other day on social media, Polo G shared a photo of his new jewelry purchase. I know for a fact that he had to drop a bag because no one else has a similar chain. Not only was the chain massive in size, but it was unique because it had an iPhone built into it. I’m clearly getting older because this seems like such a waste of money.

    This purchase is an example of why rappers and celebrities, in general, stay broke. In what world would a chain with a phone attached to it be necessary? Anytime that he wants to wear it, he has to make sure he charges it in advance. How crazy and inconvenient is that?

    Must Be Nice

    I can’t wait till the day that I’m rich and I can buy dumb stuff like Polo G. My biggest takeaway is that rich rappers don’t know what to do with their wealth. He could’ve easily bought some land or opened a business. Hopefully, Polo G never runs out of funds, so if he doesn’t regret this decision.

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