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    Typical Kanye Finding Ways To Piss People Off At Cher Opening

    Cher has become one of the most iconic artists of the past generation. Imagine Kanye not showing the proper respect??

    Kanye stays rubbing people the wrong way… It’s almost like he does it on purpose!!!

    The Chicago rapper along with his wife Kim Kardashian-West decided to attend the opening night of “The Cher Show In New York”.

    It didn’t take much time for someone to express there dislike for something Kanye was doing. For instance, Kanye on his phone while the performance is happening can be offensive. Fortunately, it was a familiar face that reminded Yeezy to mind his manners!!

    Kanye did the right thing by apologizing, but we’ll be sure to add this to the list of things that irk us!

    Maybe we’ll take it easy on Ye for the Christmas season. But then again it’s Cher that we’re talking about!!

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