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    Chance The Rapper Says He’s Been Relevant Since Day One

    Fans always expect to hear the best of the best from their favorite musician. However, like all humans, not every artist can make that perfect record. Chance The Rapper has been at the top of his game. However, his 2019 debut album The Big Day left many critics and fans alike scratching their heads.

    Unfortunately, the album wasn’t well received. Internet trolls and haters hurled negative comments at the rapper. Even to this day, many of them still give the rapper a hard time over the record. Most of the haters like to believe that “he fell off” during that time. Though, Chance the Rapper makes it clear that he’s been relevant since day one.

     Chance The Rapper Knows How To Stay Relevant

    Shared by The Breakfast Club on Instagram.

    During a recent sit down with The Breakfast Club, Chance the Rapper called out those people who poked fun at his debut album. Even to this day, most of them still believe “he fell of.” Furthermore, he admitted that the comments did sting a bit but he’s no stranger to dealing with haters.

    The rapper confidently shut down the haters by saying, “If I agree with it, that means The Breakfast Club isn’t as popular anymore because you don’t usually have washed-up artists on your show,” during his interview with the hosts on August 2nd.

    Arguably, people should cut the guy some slack. “The Big Day” was his first record, not every rising star can drop a stellar record their first time. Let’s not forget that the album made it to the No. 2 spot on the Billboard 200 Charts. Obviously, he did something right.

    Fortunately, the rapper pays the haters no mind and boldly stated in the interview that “At least I was on.” Clearly, he was relevant back then and even today.

    He Went Back to Basics With An Old Friend

    via XXL Mag

    Even to this day, many of the haters have come after Chance the Rapper and his career. Good thing is, the rapper doesn’t sweat the hate these days. In fact, he’s working on elevating himself. By doing so, he’s gone back to the basics.

    Chance the Rapper joined up forces with his old friend and former collaborator Vic Mensa. Furthermore, the two artists have been working on several projects together for the last 18 months. So far, they’ve dropped two songs, “Wraith” and “Shelter,” and have worked on grassroots musical projects in Ghana.

    By the press keeping up on the latest from Chance the Rapper, he’s clearly still relevant.

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