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    Chance The Rapper Manifested Working Alongside Kanye West

    There’s nothing that compares to the chance experience at working alongside our greatest idols. Despite their rocky relationship, Chance The Rapper has always been a fan of the lyrical God Kanye West. In fact, the star rapper revealed that he manifested working alongside the elite artist. Looks like positivity went a long way for the Chicago rapper. Speaking what he wanted to happen into existence helped Chance The Rapper meet his biggest idol in person. The two even collaborated on a track together.

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    Working relationships always have their ups and downs. Even though Chance The Rapper manifested working with Yeezy, the chance encounter led to a few issues. In a recent interview with the Grammys, Chance The Rapper discussed his experience working with Yeezy on his 2016 album The Life Pablo. The Chicago-bred rapper revealed that Kanye West didn’t like his dubbed ‘Grammy’ lyrics on a particular song and tried to have them cut altogether. “I recorded on Kanye’s track just before the news broke about my three Grammys… Kanye wasn’t keen on me mentioning that [line] in the song. We had a back-and-forth discussion about keeping my line in there,” he shared with the Grammys.

    Though, the Grammy-award winning rapper put the situation lightly about his fight with Yeezy. Back in January 2021, a leaked clip from the upcoming Donda documentary showed Kanye West screaming at Chance The Rapper in the studio. It’s unclear what the two were arguing about but things got pretty heated. Nonetheless, Chance doesn’t harbor any ill-conceived feelings toward Yeezy.

    Chance The Rapper Manifested Meeting Kanye West

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    In continuation of his interview with the Grammys, Chance The Rapper referred back to his ‘Grammy’ lyrics. Through those lyrics and a few positive mantras, the 28-year-old had manifested his dream collab with Kanye West. “I was just putting it out there, like, ‘Kanye is gonna reach out to us soon. You’re gonna collaborate with ‘Ye soon.’ And when it actually happened, I had to keep that energy going. I had to keep saying what was gonna happen,” Chance The Rapper said. Additionally, he made it known that Yeezy had been the main reason he started rapping in the first place. Not only did the Chicago rapper manifested his chance encounter with Yeezy, but he also worked alongside him.

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