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    Chance The Rapper Gives Back To The Community This Easter

    Chance The Rapper may be one of the most well-known emcees in the rap industry. However, he’s also a compassionate person who enjoys contributing to the community whenever possible. The “Child of God” rapper just celebrated his 29th birthday this past Saturday. While we’re sure he received several gifts and birthday wishes from his pals, the rapper made sure to pay it forward. On his special day, the rapper organized a meal giveaway. Talk about doing Easter right.

    The Rapper Gives Back To The Community

    gives back to the community
    Chance Ice Cream via Brand Eating

    If there’s one thing anyone can say to describe Chance The Rapper, it’s that he has one of the biggest hearts in the game. After having just turned 29, Chance The Rapper shared his riches with Chicago fans.

    On Saturday, the “Child of God” rapper celebrated his birthday and Easter holiday by holding a meal-giveaway through his nonprofit organization, SocialWorks. Furthermore, the rapper took to Instagram to post a video of volunteers and drivers exchanging food. Even a Chance The Rapper mascot came out to support the meal giveaway.

    On a side note, Chance The Rapper even revealed his favorite Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream flavor as “Mint Chocolate Chance.” The emcee just put himself on a whole other level by naming an ice cream flavor after himself.

    Chance The Rapper Shares Childhood Pictures On His Birthday

    gives back to the community
    Chance The Rapper via TheThings

    Being the humanitarian that he’s known as Chance The Rapper gave away free meals in his hometown. While he did charitable work, he also took time to share his personal journey throughout the years.

    Furthermore, the “Child of God” shared sweet and sentimental pictures from his childhood on his birthday. Many of them feature his mother and brother, Lisa Bennett and Taylor Bennett. There’s no doubt the rapper’s family, especially his mother, have praised his charity work.

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