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    Chance The Rapper Celebrates Black Artists On Upcoming Album

    The lifestyle of a rapper depends entirely on their hustle game. Chance The Rapper may have experienced a huge setback with his 2019 debut album The Big Day. However, he’s not holding back this time. The “Child of God” rapper made it clear that his next album Star Line Gallery won’t be a disappointment. He’s bringing his “lyrical A-game” this time. More importantly, the rapper plans to celebrate black creatives on his sophomore album.  

    Chance The Rapper Wants To Focus On The Positives In Black Culture

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    When it comes to Chance The Rapper, he’s always searching for ways to uplift the rap community. The rapper plans to make a comeback before the years out with his newest sophomore album Star Line Gallery.

     During a recent interview with Complex, the lyricist revealed his plans to highlight the experiences of black artists from all around the world on his sophomore album. In conclusion, he wants to show what it means to be “black right now.” Though, the Acid Rap rapper made it clear that the record won’t feature tales of trauma or focus on the negative. Sounds like Chance The Rapper’s sophomore project will feature more positive, uplifting and inspirational tracks, which is something we all need right now. 

    He Amplifies The Voices Of Black Artists

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    As mentioned before, the rapper plans to amplify and highlight the work of black creatives. Currently, he’s debating on whether or not to have art featured for the album’s cover. According to sources, he’s leaning more towards featuring art, designed by black artists, on every song. 

    For those of you that follow the rapper, many will remember that he used the same strategy for his “writing exercises” earlier this year. Thankfully, he’s a true supporter of ‘Buy black on black.’ We’ll be sure to keep you updated on Chance The Rapper’s upcoming album Star Line Gallery. 

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