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    CBS Is Fake AF For Rejecting Medical Marijuana AD

    Those running CBS aren’t fans of hitting the blunt…not publicly at least.

    The network company reportedly denied a commercial that specifically targets the growing marijuana industry.

    According to TMZ, a company called Acreage Holdings was willing to pay $5 million for a shot at running their ad during Super Bowl Sunday. But CBS turned them down because it’s not policy. Apparently, CBS doesn’t allow for marijuana-related ads to air at any time, and certainly not when hundreds of thousands of people will be watching.

    As for Acreage Holdings, they say it wasn’t just an advertisement, but rather a PSA. In their eyes, the commercial was meant to inform the general public of the health benefits that the drug can bring to patients suffering from illnesses.


    The marijuana company has a license to grow and sell weed throughout several different states. They created the commercial with hopes they’d be able to disassemble the negative opinions of weed, through real testimonials. AH’s commercial features testimonials from three families. Each family takes a turn explaining the unbearable pain their loved ones were experiencing while on prescription drugs, before their introduction to cannabis.

    Besides showing all the good that marijuana can cause, their one true agenda was to push for more legalization. But, since marijuana was the big winner of the Midterm elections, everyone is outraged!

    Guess we’ll never know the effectiveness of the commercial.

    But, what are your thoughts? Do you think marijuana should be legal? Share your opinions below.

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