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    Caught on Camera: Vitaly’s Confrontation with a Decoy-Duped Predator

    There’s a “YouTuber”, he’s famous for pranks and has 10 million subscribers! but this time it wasn’t a prank. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, at a recent livestream, went even further. The situation was quite serious “During Vitaly’s live stream, he faced a man who was allegedly trying to contact a minor .”

    Vitaly was live and the audience was hotly discussing his performance, when they saw a pervert who was caught on a decoy account. A man expecting a child had two choices: whom to fight Vitaly or to police.

    Finally out of options, the man accepted the battle. I’ll simply state at this time that Vitaly, being a significantly bigger individual, had the upper hand here. The reaction was a mix of shock and cheers, as those watching saw the alleged predator get everything out to them.
    Vitaly’s action at the time was truly courageous.

    Fans congratulated the move as he did what the majority should in all situations. It wasn’t only the usual crowd; even boxer Ryan Garcia took to the socials to compliment one another and imply that we can do anything cool together.

    Vitaly’s journey to the hall of fame is far from smooth. From his notorious “Miami Zombie Attack Prank!” and recent attack on reality, he never disappoints. Yet, the latest proves that there are two faces to anyone – the dark and the bright. Vitaly utilized his huge platform and 1.8 billion users, to defend his children.

    Online personas on a large scale, like Vitaly, have enormous power. This incident speaks to great accountability. Vitaly faces criticism for what he did in the park, yet he also lunched a conversation on the subject.

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