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    Casely Shares Official Music Video For Sensual And Upbeat Tune “Tráfico”

    Miami-born artist Casely, with Trinidadian and Panamanian heritage, collaborates with dancer and YouTuber Geraldine Sarmiento in the official music video for “Tráfico,” scheduled for release on Friday, April 29th. In the crisp visuals, Casely plays the role of an attendant at a car wash managed by Geraldine. The singer displays great theatrical skills as he perfectly and naturally delivers his role. The singer daydreams about having romantic moments with the model while at work and visibly loses concentration whenever he’s in the presence of the charming Geraldine.

    When an overbearing admirer tracks her down at work, she puts him in his place as he gets thrown out of the office with the help of a security official. The following scene opens up with energetic dance moves from Casely and choreographers Chris Embroz and Ralph Cummings. The video was shot in Hialeah, Florida at Next Level Auto and directed by Casely, Elvis Casely JR, and Penguin Suit Lu.

    The dembow-infused track is a fan favorite from Casely’s forthcoming album, “King of The South,” set for release in July. In “Tráfico,” Casely explores a captivating and seductive dembow beat with a bi-lingual melody, playfully dancing between vocal rhythms.

    Casely is well-known for his smooth vocals and works with DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Pitbull, Flo Rida, and Lil Jon. Casely has previously been signed by Epic Records and has appeared on CNN, MTV, BET, and Seventeen Magazine. As a multi-instrumentalist, his charming and effortless production, as well as his singing and songwriting style, are influenced by artists ranging from Michael Jackson, Ne-Yo, and Prince.

    Casely’s “Tráfico” is an undeniable record. In the world of music, opinions may vary on what’s considered good, but the quality he brings to this track goes beyond subjectivity. With a golden touch in every aspect, it stands out and shines, leaving us wanting more.

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