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    Can Carmelo Be Vindicated In Houston?

    Melo has always been in the spotlight whenever he’s stepped on the court.

    The History Of Melo

    The gifted prolific shooter Carmelo, has always had an arsenal of offensive gifts. Unfortunately, over the years people have questioned his efficiency and even motives on the court. The 10-time all-star has held his own against the all-time greats on the court.

    Legacy always is measured by Championships in the world of basketball, and at the moment Carmelo’s clock is ticking. The number three overall pick of the 2003 NBA draft, has earned the respect of many. However many still question his heart when it comes to defense, and being a clutch shooter in the time of need.

    With the game of basketball evolving into Superteams, Melo’s glory days have faded being the number one option. Carmelo has earned great accomplishments, with some of his best performances being in the Olympics games on team USA.

    New York

    After playing seven years in Denver, Melo was then sent to Madison Square Garden to be New York’s savior. Instantly, the Knicks were of a high caliber team with the addition of Melo being the lead alpha dog in New York. His pairing with Amaury Stoudemire, was the perfect one-two punch to put the East on notice for the dominance in the East.

    However, that ideal was cut short with “The Big Three”, in Miami. A star-studded Miami Heat team, led by King James proved to be too much in the Playoffs. Slowly but shortly, the Knicks started to fall apart with a long list of players being ailing injuries. With constant changes in coaching staff and rotation players, New York savior found himself fighting plenty of backlash regarding his leadership skills.

    Melo To The Thunder

    The drama continued in New York until the Executive staff realized that it was best for them and Melo to break ties. This caused a world of speculation, as Melo had a no-trade clause in his agreement that was air-tight. Carmelo made it known that his intentions were to be sent to a title contending team. Melo got his wish when he was paired with the regular season MVP in Russell Westbrooke. The addition of Paul George made The Thunder an instant threat for the Golden State Warriors.

    Shipped Off To Houston

    Throughout his single season with The Thunder, Melo could never find his grove or identity in Oklahoma. Many believed that his lackluster performance meant it was time for him to hang it up. The former all-star laughed at the idea of coming off the bench in the midst of one of his underperforming seasons. The organization closed out the year making it known that Melo would be traded to avoid a luxury tax that would be enormous on their books.

    Fast forward, now Melo has landed in Houston lead by James Harden and Chris Paul. His attitude, and demeanor has changed with him being willing to come off the bench. Without Carmelo, The Rockets were able to take Golden State to a game six in the 2018 Western Conference Finals.

    In a stacked Western Conference can Carmelo be the piece needed to get Houston over the hump? Be sure to give us your feedback in the comments.


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