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    Carmelo Anthony Cheating? He Denies Fucking Hot Chick on Yacht

    Carmelo Anthony is pissed that the world thinks he would get caught cheating on his wife, La La Anthony, for a second time.

    Like really, how stupid does everyone believe Carmelo Anthony is? Clearly, if he wanted to cheat on La La again it wouldn’t be on a yacht AND in plain sight. Give him some credit. He’d, at least, probably book a hotel room under a different name. Like any dumb-smart man would do.

    But Anthony says that’s not even on his agenda anymore. The 6’8 pro ball player is slamming gossip sites for insinuating that he’d put his family through something as traumatic as this again. Not to mention, another man’s family.

    In true celebrity fashion, Anthony used his social media platform to spread a message to all those gossip sites trying to wreck his good name and tear his family apart.

    “The only reason i’m addressing this is because this is affecting my family now and you got me out here looking crazy. Usually I won’t address this, but I had to address this.”
    “All them bloggers that’s trying to put that out there, that sh*t is not cool at all,”
    “That’s not cool at all. Let that family be they family, they married.”
    “Can’t let this one slide, because this sh*t ain’t cool no more. Peace.”

    The Scandal

    Melo was seen sunbathing on a yacht, while out in France. Laying next to him, soaking up just as much sun, was an attractive woman in a skimpy bikini. There were no other parties around the two. Just them. However, Melo claims he was just a guest on the boat. In fact, he says the woman is married and was there with her husband and the rest of their family.

    La La has not reacted publicly yet. Though Page Six says that since the last time her husband cheated, she’s had to seek therapy.

    Something tells us she’ll be calling the doctor soon.

    Thoughts? How do you feel after reading this story? Do you believe Carmelo Anthony is innocent and wasn’t cheating? Let us know what you think in the comment section?


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