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    Carlo Mesina’s Debut Solo Single “Ephesus” Explores Journey to Recovery

    Carlo Mesina, an experimental trip-hop artist from Cebu City, Philippines, has released his debut solo single, “Ephesus.” From his upcoming collection “Peculiar Assemblage.” The track showcases Mesina’s journey to recovery after battling severe illness and depression. Mesina, known for his work with the nu-metal rapcore group Dymphna, has taken a step away from heavy music to create a more introspective and emotional sound.

    “Ephesus” leans towards trip-hop while incorporating pop sensibilities and is a promising indication of the entire collection. Mesina worked with collaborators Mlchzdk and Vince Lucero on the project. Drawing inspiration from Massive Attack, Portishead, Bjork, and other influential trip-hop artists. The 10-track collection will be released monthly throughout 2023.

    Mesina’s “Peculiar Assemblage” promises to be a raw and personal collection of songs exploring pain, loss, anxiety, euphoria, and recovery themes. “Ephesus” is a solid start for the collection, showcasing Mesina’s growth as an artist and his willingness to delve into new and challenging musical territory.


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