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    Cardi B Slays For The Girls At the Adult Video Awards

    On Saturday night, Cardi B performed for the 2019 Adult Video Awards and let’s just say she turnt it!

    “Bickenhead” and “She Bad” were among the songs on her set. And according to sources, she fucking killed it at the Vegas venue.

    Donning an entirely blue outfit as loud as her voice, she took to the mic and did her thing. And, of course, blew the roof off alongside her backup dancers, making it a night to remember for the audience.

    According to TMZ, Cardi B performed a private show for the Cam Girls that lasted 40 minutes. Also, she’s the first female entertainer to perform at the Adult Video Awards.

    Cardi B also showed love to the awards. At the end of her performance, she said to the enthusiastic crowd, “I’m so excited for these awards … more than the Grammys. I don’t know why.”

    And if you recall, Cardi B had a New Year’s resolution for everyone!  It should have included turning it for the girls!

    Rolling Stone states that the gigs coming up on her tour are her Super Bowl Music Fest and her appearance at the Grammys on February 10th.


    1. […] Cardi’s hard work is fending to pay off as we get closer to The Grammy Awards Show. The show will take place this Sunday, February 10th at Los Angeles Staples Center. She has a total of five nominations and will be performing at the awards show. Cardi went from beating up bitches to The Grammys. Just last week Cardi slayed for the girls at the Adult Video Awards. […]

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