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    Cardi B Is Back For You Raggedy Hoes..Ow New Music On The Way!!

    Sunday was a big day in the world of hip-hop. Cardi B finally claimed the ultimate status by winning a Grammy for best rap album of the year.

    The Bodak Yellow rapper is preparing to drop new music with the undeniably talented Bruno Mars. Last year the collaboration single “Finesse” was a banger that streamed heavy numbers. Earlier this week it seemed as though Cardi had a mental breakdown from the overwhelming hate on Instagram. It seemed as though some of you raggedy trolls couldn’t keep your comments to yourself. From the way, the haters were acting it was clear that bitter bitches may cause Cardi B to lose her sanity. Cardi took to Instagram to announce that she is back, along with new music on the way.

    “Ok so I’m back from retirement to announce I have a brand new song coming out Friday midnight with @brunomars . #twogrammywinningartist,”

    After receiving her Grammy, the New York rapper received major backlash. Many people felt that other worthy candidates should have taken home the award. One particular person from the Young Money Camp was unhappy over Cardi’s accomplishment. Nicki Minaj reached Petty God level after Cardi B’s Grammy. She quickly decided to pull Young Money from the BET awards, after they congratulated Cardi on her big win. The two have not seen eye to eye for quite some time. Just last month the rapper also got into it with another celebrity. Cardi B and Tomi Lahren ended up throwing fighting words on Twitter.

    Who else do you want Cardi to collaborate alongside in 2019? How long before Offset start cheating again? Which raggedy hoe will Cardi B have to drag next?


    1. […] Her big win has now set the stage for the Bodak Yellow rappers voice to be heard on a global scale.  After receiving her Grammy, the social media trolls started giving their outrageous opinion. Despite breaking records in 2018, people still felt that Cardi should have left Sunday night empty handed. All of the negative energy led to her officially shutting down her Instagram. It seemed like bitter bitches may cost Cardi B her sanity. However, she wasn’t gone for long as she is back for you raggedy hoes along with new music on the way. […]

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