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    Cardi B Hates Recording Clean Versions: ‘Sounds Like Kidz Bop’

    Cardi B Shares the Scoop on Making Her Music Radio-Friendly

    Cardi B, the renowned Grammy-winning rapper, recently gave us a peek behind the scenes of her creative process during an engaging interview on Hot Ones. The conversation revolved around the intriguing challenge she faces when transforming her explicit musical hits into radio-friendly versions, a task that demands both artistry and accessibility.

    Now, Cardi’s latest hit, “Bongos,” featuring the talented Megan Thee Stallion, takes center stage in this chat. She took us through the fascinating process of tweaking lyrics to make them more palatable for a wider audience. Take, for example, the line that goes, “N—- eat this ass like a plum.” Yeah, you guessed it, it needed a makeover to “Baby, eat it up like a plum.” Cardi didn’t shy away from admitting that sometimes these cleaned-up versions can sound a bit, well, “corny.” But she’s quick to remind us why it’s all worth it – radio play.

    But here’s the deal: Cardi B doesn’t budge an inch when it comes to her style. She’s got this fierce commitment to her art and those explicit lyrics. She’s crystal clear that her music is meant for the grown-ups, and she’s got a little one herself, so no kiddos tuning in. She’s pretty upfront about the critics, too. She thinks most of them are on the conservative or religious side.

    But guess what? Her music speaks to folks from all walks of life, as you can see with the mega success of “WAP.” It’s a tricky balancing act, though, because while she knows folks want her content, crafting those radio-friendly versions can be a real headache.

    The fascinating glimpse into Cardi B’s journey highlights the tightrope walk she performs between artistic expression and accessibility to a broader audience. While she acknowledges the hurdles, her unwavering commitment to delivering her distinct sound continues to push boundaries in the music industry.

    As fans eagerly anticipate her next musical offerings, Cardi B’s ability to navigate this intricate path remains one of the most captivating aspects of her career.

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