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    Cardi B Claims Stripping Has Gotten ‘Lazier’ Since She Was a Dancer

    Cardi B Talks About Strip Clubs and Scary Idols in Fun TV Show

    Cardi B, who is a famous singer and won a big music award called a Grammy, recently went on a TV show called Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. She talked about a lot of interesting things, and I’m going to tell you all about it!

    First, she talked about something called strip clubs. These are places where people dance in fancy clothes, and sometimes people give them money because they like dancing. Cardi B is very nice and likes to give lots of money to the dancers because she thinks it’s nice to do that. But she also said something sad.

    She thinks some dancers today don’t dance as hard as the ones who danced a long time ago. They need to be more excited, she says.

    Cardi B also has something very special. She collects something called Birkin bags, which are super fancy bags that people really like. She has a lot of them, and they are like her treasure!

    When she’s not singing on stage, Cardi B likes to sing karaoke. Her favorite song to sing is “Hotel California” by a group called the Eagles. That’s a cool song!

    Cardi B also talked about something she’s scared of. Even though she’s a famous singer, she gets worried about talking to other famous singers she looks up to. She’s afraid they might not like her song ideas. That’s something everyone feels sometimes, even if they are superstars!

    During the interview, Cardi B was funny and made people laugh. She said that if she were on a show called The Real Housewives, she would say something silly to make people smile.

    Cardi B’s life has been really interesting. She used to dance in strip clubs too, before she became a famous singer. Now, she’s a big star and talks about fun things on TV. We like Cardi B because she’s nice and makes us happy with her music and her funny personality. If you want to see more of Cardi talking about these things. It’s a fun show to watch!


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