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    Cardi B Announces New Bardi Beauty Line

    Anyone loves a good deal when they hear one. Cardi B especially loves taking endorsement deals that make her all the richer. Who could blame the rapper? Afterall, what’s left to do after we’ve achieved our dreams of becoming one of the biggest rap stars of today? The “Up” emcee seemingly followed Rihanna’s rule book after announcing her new beauty line Bardi Beauty. She’s gone from social media stardom to a rap star and now a fashion queen. What’s next for the star?

    Cardi B’s Bardi Beauty

    Bardi Beauty
    via TMZ

    When it comes to Cardi B, she loves the attention and the glam. The platinum hit record maker doesn’t just spit bars, but she slays all day on Instagram with her fashionable looks. Recently, the rapper shifted gears after announcing her plans to come out with a new beauty line. Trademarked as Bardi Beauty, the cosmetic line will include products for hair, skincare, fragrances and items for nails. Additionally, Cardi B’s new beauty line will feature clothing items. The 28-year-old took to Instagram to show off a few pieces from her upcoming collection. The “Up” emcee posed for the camera in a white, black and pink workout suit with the matching heels to match.

    Her Latin Heritage Influenced The Beauty Line

    Bardi Beauty
    via AceShowbiz

    With looks like the ones from her Instagram, Cardi B’s fashion line will sell out in its first week. Not to mention, the message associated with her fashion and cosmetic line will connect with millions of people. Furthermore, Cardi B discussed that misconceptions about Latin culture inspired her Bardi Beauty collection. “It’s important for people to learn about nationality, race, and ethnicity… Being Hispanic doesn’t determine your hair length or skin color… particularly for Latin countries in the Caribbean islands… DNA plays a role in your hair, not your nationality, but you can always take care of your hair.” A beauty line that is socially aware adds value to any product, in our opinion.

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