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    Canelo Accuses Lionel Messi Of Disrespecting Mexico

    Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez issued a warning to Lionel Messi, who is facing accusations of disrespecting Mexico. During the joyous event commemorating Argentinas triumph over Mexico in the World Cup. A video emerged showcasing Messi seemingly coming into contact with a Mexico shirt lying on the ground. However, there is no clear indication that he intentionally kicked the shirt.

    Canelo expressed his concerns on Twitter, stating, “He better pray to God that I don’t find him! Just like I respect Argentina, he needs to respect Mexico! I’m not talking about the entire country, but rather the unacceptable behavior displayed by Messi.”

    Argentina emerged victorious in a high stakes Group C match against Mexico at the Qatar World Cup last Saturday. Securing a 2 0 win. The opening goal was expertly scored by Messi followed by an impressive strike from Enzo Fernandez to seal the victory.

    Canelo Alvarez, widely recognized as the finest Mexican boxer has achieved remarkable success by securing World Championships in four different weight divisions. In a recent interview. Alvarez highlighted the significance of respect by addressing the distinction between excellence in football and displaying respectful behavior. He remarked, “While it is acceptable for them to surpass us in football prowess. It is crucial that they demonstrate respect as well.”

    Messi’s teammates swiftly defended him, with Sergio Aguero clarifying the situation.

    “Mr. Canelo, please refrain from seeking excuses or stirring up trouble. You probably lack knowledge about football and what occurs in a locker room,” Aguero tweeted. “Shirts often end up on the floor after matches due to sweat, and if you observe closely, Messi made a movement to remove his boot and accidentally hit the shirt.”

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