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    Canadian Artist Lan’do Introduces Us To His Dark Side In 16 Bit

    Canadian-born rapper Lan’do puts some of today’s best rappers to shame. With his quick flows, clever wordplay and unfiltered lyricism, the newcomer packs some serious heat. Most of his skilled talent stems from his upbringing, where he grew up in a house full of music. Lan’do often watched his grandmother sing in the church choir as a child. When that wasn’t enough, he listened to his mother’s entire R&B collection.

    As an adult, he eventually began making music of his own. Lan’do created his own music bands such as Deadverysoon with his brother, and No Tourists with other Toronto artists. Though, like all bands, the lead rapper decided to leave and pursue his solo career. With his solo music, Lan’do has taken his career to new and soaring heights, reminding everyone why he’s the new king on the block. The hype is real as he’s gained support from a slew of publications such as FADER, NOW Magazine, Complex and COLORS. The guy must has mad skills.

    Lan’do especially shows us just what he’s made of in his newest grime and dancehall-inspired track “16 Bit.” In the track, the experimental artist introduces us to his dark side.

    Lan’do’s Dark Side

    Lan’do never fails to come out with something new and different for audiences. His newest track “16 Bit” is the Frankenstein baby of two sounds and cultures that have impacted Lan’do’s life. His Caribbean heritage shines through his flow and glides easily over the monster-esque tone of the track. Grime and dancehall come together in an oddly entertaining way in “16 Bit.” Furthermore, the Canadian artist flexes his lyrical skills, giving us life with his wordplay and unfiltered flow, rapping with bravado. Additionally, the visuals compliment Lan’do’s lyrical genius, showcasing a dark, moody and gritty landscape of a city in Toronto. The atmosphere surrounding the music video reads like a documentary horror film. Clearly, Lan’do gets in touch with his dark side.

    As far as context goes, Lan’do explores themes of loyalty, friendship and relationships. Though, he manages to slip in from time to time that he’s one of the best rappers out here, typical rap battle behavior. Nonetheless, the Canadian rapper has an unmatched skill set that few upcoming emcees can mimic. 

    The Inspiration Behind “16 Bit”

    via @kevin.kudu

    Clearly, Lan’do brims with uncanny talent. His newest track “16 Bit” shows off the rapper’s elite-worthy skills on the mic. Though, behind every great track comes an even better backstory. During his press release, Lan’do revealed that the inspiration behind the song derived from several aspects, one of them pertaining to the pandemic. He actually credits the government shutdowns and social distancing for allowing him more time to experiment with new sounds for his music.

    “I feel that this song is the culmination of all that,” he said.

    Additionally, Lan’do shared that he wanted to craft something that would make him stand out from the crowd. Being a new artist can be tough, and Lan’do knew the type of first-impression he had to make in order to get fans to listen. Indeed, the artist did not disappoint.

    Be sure to check out more music from Canadian-born, Caribbean artist, Lan’do. He’s the kind of rapper that’s always cooking up something new for fans.

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