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    Butch Vega Out With Another Impressive Release “HEADNODZ”

    Fast-raising Butch Vega, an American rapper, has just released a new song with a simple beat and vibrant delivery. Offering his fans a song called “HEADNODZ.” 

    “HEADNODZ” is a song that brings an engaging and bouncy beat, filled with hard-hitting 808s that engage us more to get lost in the unique piece, but what calls attention is its vocal ease and straight and heavy rhymes.

    With a lot of talent, this brilliant artist manages to develop his rhymes amid various elements and arrangements that make the song even more perfect. What we have as a result is an excellent and very captivating sound.

    Stream “HEADNODZ” on Spotify 

    Connect with Butch Vega: Facebook | Spotify | Instagram 

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